Frequently asked questions

Havilah Training FAQs

What is the duration of the short courses?

The short courses vary in duration and can be anything from 8 – 16 weeks.

Do you deliver training outside of your centre?

Yes. If it is more convenient for our learners and employers, we can deliver on the employer site.

Alternatively if we have a group that is too large for our premises, we have access to a number of other venues nearby.

How does Havilah Prospects handle complaints?

We have a Complaints Policy & Procedure which can be found here.

Havilah Homes FAQs

Where are Havilah Homes located?

There is a 4 bed Havilah Homes in Ilford, Essex that caters predominantly for adults with learning disabilities.

What is the weekly cost of a place in Havilah Homes?

Our prices are very competitive and very much dependent on the level of need of individual residents. However, the starting price is £600 per week.

Will each resident have a key worker?

Yes. All our residents have a key worker assigned to them for consistency. This does not however mean that all residents receive one to one care – this will be dependent on the level of need.

What training have my support workers received?

Havilah Prospects is also a training centre, which ensures that all our support workers have as a minimum Level 2 Diploma in Health and Social Care.

In addition to this, they receive ongoing training and refresher courses. Our comprehensive induction also ensures that all our support workers are acquainted with the Havilah values and are ready to deliver a quality care service.

How will I know I can trust my support worker?

All of our support workers receive comprehensive checks when they are recruited. This includes, professional references, a Criminal Records Bureau check as well as a UKBA confirmation.

Before they are sent out to work alone, all our support workers receive a complete induction and shadow an experienced member of staff. In addition to this, we hold regular supervision sessions with them to ensure they remain on the right track.

We are always open to hearing your views on those providing your care and welcome calls and emails.

Havilah Resourcing FAQs

What type of jobs are available with Havilah Resourcing?

The options are quite varied; anything from a Social Worker to an Occupational Therapist to an Office Administrator

What is the rate of pay?

Havilah Prospects offers a competitive rate of pay for each role.

How long after uploading my CV will I hear from you?

How long is a piece of string? It very much depends on your skills, qualifications and experience and how suited they are to the vacancies we receive.

General FAQs

Where can I send feedback?

We are more than happy to receive any feedback you may have to help us improve our services. Please email

How long has the company been running?

Havilah Prospects was incorporated in 2005; when it started Havilah Care Not long after, Havilah Training followed in 2007. With our first home in Ilford, Havilah Homes was launched in 2010. 2010 also saw the launch of Havilah Resourcing. We hope to continue growing.

Who are the team?

The Havilah Prospects team is made up of the 2 managing directors who also act as assessors, internal verifiers, head of centre, responsible person and registered manager between them. They are involved in the day to day running of the business.

Followed by the executive director who takes care of the business strategy and business development as well as the apprenticeships and quality assurance. Havilah Prospects has many in-house and freelance assessors, tutors and internal verifiers that help deliver a quality experience. We also have a care manager as well as care and support workers.

Lastly, but certainly not the least, we have a dedicated and tight knit team of administrators who make sure we all stay on track.