Havilah stands for “the land where there is gold and the gold is good”. This translation marks the core of our values here at Havilah Prospects. We promise a golden service to all our clients, students, service users and residents alike.

Our values



This is what we mean by gold. We provide superior support that meets the needs of each residents as well as a golden education experience to all our students. We pride ourselves on excellence and an in-depth knowledge of our specialisms.



Without it, what’s the point? Havilah staff do not do things by halves. We are all passionate about the various services we provide. We not only want to make lives better but we have a real desire to see people excel and reach their full potential, whatever that may be.



We understand that there is more to life than study and aim to support you with your academic or personal issues.



We will show the utmost respect to all students, staff and service users and expect the same in return.